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Key Terms

Get yourself familiarize with these terms before staring using the Dynamic Checkout Customizer (DCC).



It's short form for our app named Dynamic Checkout Customizer for Shopify Plus merchants.


It refers to the checkout block with unique functionality for the customers on the checkout page. Each customization has multiple conditions, priority, status and settings for the merchants.

Category - C

It refers to the main category for the customization like Upsell, Notifications, Cart Item Details.

Upsell (C)

Suggesting extra or better products to buy at a store.

Notifications (C)

Messages or images that tell you something new or important happening online.

Cart Item Details (C)

Changing what you want to buy before paying at checkout.


It refers to specific options in each category like: Dynamic and Static types for Upsell category, Banner and Content for Notifications. Edit Quantity, Add Notes and Display Tags for Cart Item Details.

Dynamic Upsell (T)

It uses product metafields to Upsell products on the checkout page.

Static Upsell (T)

It uses manual product selection in order to Upsell products on the checkout page.

Banner (T)

It uses banner components to display textual information with status on the checkout.

Content (T)

It uses text and image to display information on the checkout.

Form Elements (T)

It uses form elements like checkbox and text field to enable the customers to share information on the checkout.

Edit Quantity (T)

It allows customers to update the quantity of each cart line item from checkout.

Add Notes (T)

It allows customers to add different notes for each cart line item on the checkout.

Display Tags (T)

It allows merchants to display custom tags on the checkout.


It refers to the location or positioning of the customization block on the checkout page. The Placement-ID is required for each customization block to display them properly on the checkout.

Dynamic Blocks (P)

It refers to major or main positions on the checkout page like After Shipping, After Email, After Cart Item List, After Subtotal, After Discounts.

Static Blocks (P)

It refers to specific positions for specific functionalities on the checkout page like After Cart Item, After Shipping option and etc.

  1. Cart Total

  2. Cart Subtotal

  3. Line Item Property (Key)

  4. Product Title

  5. Product vendor

  6. Product Tags

  7. Customer Lifetime Spending

  8. Customer Tags

  9. Customer Type

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