đŸ”ĸQuantity Selector

How to display a Quantity Selector for each cart item on the Checkout using the Cart Item Details -> Adjust Quantity option.


  1. Create a new customization.

  1. Select the Cart Item Details category.

  1. Select Adjust Quantity, a cart line details type from the options for displaying the quantity selector on the checkout for each cart item.

  1. Select Render After Each Cart Item option from the given placement options.

  1. Add multiple conditions to handle the visibility of the customization on the checkout.

  1. Adjust the Quantity Selector settings for the Edit Cart Items customization block which includes link title for each cart line item.

  1. Change the status to active to enable the customization block.

  1. Adjust the priority between 0 to 100 to cover multiple use cases for the customizations.

  1. In the placement tab, copy the placement ID which will be used on the checkout page.

  1. Click on the Save button to save the changes.

  1. Go to store Settings, click Checkout and then select a checkout profile and click on customize button to start the customization process.

  1. In the Checkout editor, click on the Add app block button located at the bottom left corner of the page.

Make sure you that you have placed the app block at the same placement as selected in the app.

  1. Select the Checkout - Image Content app block, drag and drop the app block at the desired location and paste the placement ID to view the customization block.

  1. Click on the Save button to publish the changes live for the customers.

Why does it matter?

Someone is using Cart Item Details -> Adjust Quantity customization for displaying Quantity Selector and improved their AOV by 10%.

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